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Coming Soon: MEPRO MOR Bullseye Reflex Visor

We are thrilled to announce that the MEPRO MOR bullseye reflex-sight soon will grace our store! In combination with the Steyr AUG Z cal. 9x19, our customers are free to test the newly bought sight on our shooting range. The MEPRO MOR holds a high reputation within the military sector and as a high-end product, it stands out through its efficiency as well as through it's incredible accuracy.


The MEPRO MOR is a multi-purpose, multi-activated "red-dot" reflex sight with laser pointers especially designed for quick and instinctive accurate shooting.


Originally developed for the IDF (Israel Defence Forces), the MEPRO MOR has been designed with a  30 mm diameter lens to assure rapid target acquisition with one or both eyes open and rapid transition between long-range and close quarters engagements. The large field of view assures effective use of the sight under extreme conditions such as bad weather, firing after physical stress and firing under pressure.


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Hinweis - Neue Kartenpreise ab 1. August 2019


Pistolenstand20,00 EUR
Schusskanal10,00 EUR
Kombiticket28,00 EUR


Pistolenstand400,00 EUR
Schusskanal120,00 EUR
Kombiticket480,00 EUR