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About us

Our shop offers competent consulting and high-quality products for hunters, hobby-shooters, curious minds and nature lovers. Besides ammunition, weapons -such as sport- and hunting rifles –  and appurtenances (for lens systems and weapon care), we also sell clothing and self-defense appurtenances.

As an additional service, we offer our customers the legal weapon registration for their new gun or rifle or the opportunity to acquire their firearms license in our house.

All new weapons can be tried and tested on our in-house shooting range.

While under construction, special attention was paid to the consistency of the conditions under which the bullets are fired. This allows the shooter to have a clear image of his abilities, as environmental factors such as uneven light, sidewinds or fluctuating temperatures don’t influence the trajectory of the bullet. We are looking forward to your visit!


Hinweis - Neue Kartenpreise ab 1. August 2019


Pistolenstand20,00 EUR
Schusskanal10,00 EUR
Kombiticket28,00 EUR


Pistolenstand400,00 EUR
Schusskanal120,00 EUR
Kombiticket480,00 EUR